Aroma Group of Companies:

A well known global sphere company crafted by brainchild of 47 years roadster exprience of Md Zakir Hussain- who quench the common life to be able to fulfill – “ROTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAN” to everyone with social moral and national building with health wealth prosperity and employment.

Our Mission & Vision:

Aroma group of companies motto – “YOU DREAM WE FULFILL”. A better quality of life evolving from being rare name to an established brand that symbolized complete customer satisfaction. Primitive home is a gift of nature where to live every class of people in pride and wings of techno – culture.


Patna the capital of Bihar is the 2nd the largest city in Eastern India in terms of population and oldest city of world. World Bank- has ranked Patna as 2nd place in India after Delhi in terms of the ease of starting a business. Patna has been ranked as 21st fastest growing city in the world and five fastest growing city in India by “City Mayors Foundation”.

Real Estate

As outcome of fine simple so great 10,000 all affordable of neo – architecture flats are unparallel in their layout leading a life with modern techno touch and art sportics with variety of facilities and leisure’s required by mind and body. Modern amenities to the house which is designed by an experienced and recognized Architect Engineer of an international standard providing high value exclusive living living in a residential colony in the cheapest and best policy adopted that will be entirely self reliant and totally self sufficient of all requirements.


Health is real wealth. Its our motto through pharmaceuticals products, we wish to create a healthy society, a healthy colony and a healthy nation. How to take care and maintain the human value through good health is totally depended upon nature and its celestial beauty.


All human life elite by their custom, culture and heritage. We are also going to serve the nation and its people through production of “Z-Heusen” a brand in the field of garments and emporiums to Indian climate and global fashion and its tradition.

Rashid Hussain Educational And Charitable Trust

A well known non-profit oraganization that specially work on education, health and women empowerment to help and support through welfare work for the down trodden people of every weaker, poorest and needy of our society.

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