A well known global sphere company crafted by brainchild of 47 years roadster exprience of Md Zakir Hussain- who quench the common life to be able to fulfill – “ROTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAN” to everyone with social moral and national building with health wealth prosperity and employment.

Aroma group of companies motto – “YOU DREAM WE FULFILL”. A better quality of life evolving from being rare name to an established brand that symbolized complete customer satisfaction. Primitive home is a gift of nature where to live every class of people in pride and wings of techno – culture.

Some of our projects are:-

  1. Aroma Green Park ( Near Touheed Nagar City, Patna)
  2. Aroma Enclave (Jalalpur, Patna)
  3. Aroma Plaza (Karodi Chak, Phase-3, Harun Nagar, Patna)
  4. Touheed Nagar City (Phulwari Sharif, Patna)
  5. Aroma Signature , Near Patliputra Station, Patna
  6. Aroma Savita Vihar, Near Patliputra Station, Patna

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